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Author: BILAL

Made Hijrah: NOVEMBER 2019

Native Country: ENGLAND, UK

Hijrah Location: TANGIER, MOROCCO

Assalamu alaikum brothers

All praise belongs to Allah, me and the family have arrived safely to Tangier last night. We are like some of you who have decided to make Tangier your home.

We came with 4 large suitcases and 6 hand luggage and a shoulder bag each.  We paid for the baggage in advance and experienced no problems. We are In a temporary apartment for now but will be looking for apartments for a few days.  I will be going back to bring over the rest of the stuff next month and I will update you with how that went.

To those who are thinking of hijrah. I was like you. I’ve been thinking for many years and went to many countries as far as Indonesia and even Brunei. By the grace of Allah this place was chosen mainly because the brothers on a hijrah WhatsApp group have helped in ways they don’t even know.

بارك الله فيك يا اخوان

May Allah grant brother Bilal and his family the best of this life & the next!

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Tangier Morocco

Tangier in Morocco is the first hijrah location we have been covering.



Tangier is a city located in Morocco and is the first hijrah location we have been researching. 

Featuring sunny beaches, plenty of masjids & Islamic schools - Tangier is a popular destination which many families make hijrah to.

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